Italian manufacturer of high-performance electric motorcycles Energica has announced its entry into multiple markets in the Asia and Asia Pacific region. More specifically, the company has set up shop in Japan, Pakistan, and Australia, with New Zealand expected to follow shortly thereafter. 

Energica has built quite a reputation for itself in the European market, following its successful run in the MotoE racing series. While marketing its bikes in Europe has proven to be successful for the company, the next logical step would be to go beyond the confines of the old continent. Yes, Energica is available in the North American market through select dealers. However, given the current state of the motorcycle market in the U.S., it seems that electric motorcycle adoption still has quite a way to go. 

Energica Introduces Updates To Electric Motorcycle Range At EICMA 2022

The story in Asia is much different, however, as more and more people are being incentivized to make the green shift. In the Japanese market specifically, Energica has partnered with Estar & Co. Ltd. The company has opened an Energica showroom in Kobe. Following this, the company hopes to establish a solid distribution network throughout Japan. In fact, Estar is set to display Energica's models in the upcoming Tokyo Motorcycle Show scheduled from March 24 to 26.  

Meanwhile, across the pond in Australia, Energica has set up shop thanks to a partnership with Australian Electric Motor Co. The company will be in charge of importing select Energica models and set up a distribution network within Australia and New Zealand. Among the models set for release include the Energica Experia touring bike.

The Experia marks Energica's first foray into the world of adventure-touring, boasting an impressive claimed range of 261 miles on a single charge when stuck to its most economical riding mode. On top of that, the electric motor powering the Experia has a claimed peak output of 102 horsepower and 85 pound-feet of torque. For reference, the Energica Experia retails for $25,880 in the U.S. market. 

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