Chinese motorcycle brand Kove has been making waves in the international market in recent months. Only four months since its global debut at EICMA 2022, Kove has demonstrated that it has what it takes to go neck and neck with established brands in the world of motorsports. In January, 2023, the brand completed its first ever Dakar run. In the future, it hopes to see success in the WorldSSP300. 

Kove's motorsports shenanigans aside, the brand has also been making strides in the motorcycle industry. Outside of China, the brand is already available in other markets in Asia such as the Philippines, where the Kove 400RR has already been introduced. Now, the brand has its sights set on the European market – Italy in particular. A recent article by Italian motorcycling publication Moto.It highlights the details of the brand's entry into Italy. 

Kove 400RR Makes Its Way To The Philippines Under Bristol Branding

Understandably, a fledgling brand such as Kove partnered up with an already established player in the Italian market: Pelpi International. The company was responsible for the distributorship of brands like FB Mondial, KL, and OverBikes in the past, and now, it takes on the role as exclusive distributor of Kove Motorcycles in Italy.  

Apart from that, no specifics regarding the models to be sold in Italy have been revealed. However, chances are that models that were showcased at EICMA 2022 would be the first to hit the market. As mentioned earlier, the Kove 400RR sportbike seems like an interesting contender, and will surely be an attractive alternative to the entry-level sportbikes offered by QJ Motor and CFMoto, as well as perhaps those of the Japanese big four. 

Apart from the brand's sporty models, it also has the Cobra 321R naked bike, as well as the beginner friendly Cobra 125. Of course, let's not forget about the 800X adventure bike, as well as the 450 Rally bike that served as the foundation of Kove's Dakar racing initiatives. All these bikes were showcased at the 2022 edition of EICMA, and all of which seemed poised to enter the European market. 

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