Two contenders have long dominated the 400cc supersport class: Kawasaki’s Ninja 400 and KTM’s RC 390. The two-horse category frequently lords over its rivals, delivering extra punch and pep that 300cc sportbikes just can’t match. It seems those beefed-up lightweights might have met their match, however, with CFMoto’s 450SR bursting onto the scene.

Unveiled in China in April, 2022, the bored-out supersport retained an uncanny resemblance to the Chinese firm’s SRC-21 Concept (for a production model). Just five months later, in September, CFMoto sent the 450SR abroad to vie for the uber-competitive European market. That international campaign doesn’t end on the Continent, though, as CFMoto Australia recently revealed the 450SR’s pricing and availability in the country.

Gallery: 2023 CFMoto 450SR

The aggressively-styled model will touch down in the Land Down Under in April, 2023, with a $7,990 AUD (~$5,550 USD) MSRP. That’s a chump change when considering that the SR harnesses a liquid-cooled, DOHC, 449.9cc parallel twin responsible for 46 horsepower and 30 lb-ft of torque. Those figures propel the supersport to a 0-60mph time of less than five seconds and a 118-mph top speed. As the parallel-twin market goes, a 270-degree crankshaft also adds a stimulating auditory experience.

That pokey powerplant resides in a chromium-molybdenum steel frame mated to a removable, lightweight subframe. Though CFMoto ditched the SRC-21's single-sided swingarm for a conventional unit, the brand didn’t make many concessions when it came to the bodywork. The SR maintains much of the SR-C’s aesthetics, including the aerodynamic winglets.

CFMoto wind-tunnel test 20 different designs over the course of 30 hours. The result: aero appendages that don’t just look the part. The Chinese OEM claims that the winglets produce “1.6 times downforce at higher speeds.” The 450SR’s interchangable shifter (traditional and GP shift) and premium Brembo M40 monobloc caliper only supplement the bodywork’s streamlining and stabilizing efforts.

On the tech front, the model’s five-inch TFT display boasts Bluetooth connectivity. When paired with the CFMoto Ride App, users can utilize navigation, a lap timer, and ride history. The system also allows over-the-air software updates and offers a host of security features. With such a robust package, something tells us that the 450SR’s global campaign isn’t stopping in Oz.

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