Exclusive to the Asian market, there are all sorts of weird and wonderful motorcycles. Some of which will make you envious that these machines weren't sold stateside, while others will have you raising eyebrows. The bike we have here today probably occupies the middleground, but it can't be denied that it obviously borrowed a few styling cues from a popular commuter scooter from Honda. 

I'm talking about the Aveta VADV150 Hybrid, and judging from its name alone, I'm sure you've already guessed what bike it's impersonating – at least, from a styling point of view. Everything about the VADV150 screams Honda ADV 150, which is a shame, really, as underneath the adventurous scooter's copycat exterior lies some thoroughly impressive technology.  

Malaysian Manufacturer Aveta Presents The VADV150 Hybrid Scooter
Malaysian Manufacturer Aveta Presents The VADV150 Hybrid Scooter

From a performance standpoint, it isn't really that special, as it's powered by a four-valve, SOHC, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine. It has a maximum output of 16 ponies and a max torque rating of 9.8 pound-feet. Now, all of this may seem pretty standard when it comes to the 150cc scooter class, and indeed, it is.

However, the Aveta VADV150 impresses with its technology. For example, it gets an adaptive front lighting system (AFS) which automatically adjusts the LED headlights' output depending on your speed. Furthermore, the scooter gets a massive seven-inch, full-color TFT display. There's even a keyless ignition and key fob which you can use to access the under-seat compartment. On top of all that, Aveta has thrown in a pair of cameras to the VADV150. This digital video recording (DVR) system not only records your rides and keeps track of your adventures, but could also be a handy tool in the event of an accident.

Having said all that, on paper, at least, the Aveta VADV150's features put other 150cc class scooters to shame. If only they'd been more original with its design. Nevertheless, it appears that this model won't go beyond the confines of the Malaysian market. In the Southeast Asian country, it's offered in three colorways consisting of Yellow Topaz, Blue Sapphire, and Red Ruby. It retails for RM 13,980, which translates to about $3,127 USD.

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