It goes without saying that equipping ourselves from head to toe with safe and certified gear when riding our bikes—be it on the road, track, or trail—is essential. While the gear you choose, if you choose any at all, is dependent on many factors such as legality, comfort, and of course, preference, there are certain situations wherein gear is mandatory, say, when riding in motorbike parks and trails. 

Needless to say, specialized equipment can be extremely expensive, especially if you're buying gear from the top brands in the game. It's no secret that a huge chunk of the money you pay for fancy riding gear goes to the logo displayed, so it's good that smaller manufacturers offer comparable products at a fraction of the price. Now, we've talked about Louis Moto several times before, and about how it has in-house brands that cater to the budget-friendly sector. One of these brands is MTR, and it's just launched a new off-road helmet called the X6B EVO. 

Stay Cool And Comfortable Off-Road With The MTR X6B EVO Helmet

The X6B EVO helmet looks like your typical off-road helmet, with sharp lines and a beefy chin guard. However, instead of fancy composite materials, it's made from an ABS plastic shell and an EPS liner, which keeps the price down. It passed the latest ECE R22.06 standard, but gained a bit of weight in the process. Depending on the size, it weighs anywhere from 1,350 to 1,360 grams.

As for features, well, there really isn't much to talk about, as the X6B EVO is well and truly a barebones, no-frills, off-road helmet. The helmet gets a large opening that provides a wide field of view and allows you to use conventional goggles. You can also detach the peak to use it as a street or motard helmet. Furthermore, the interior liner can be readily taken apart and cleaned to keep things fresh. The helmet also boasts a full ventilation system, with air ducts on the chin guard and forehead, as well as two air extractors on the back. When you're ready to ride, a quick-release micrometric buckle makes it easy to fasten.

As mentioned earlier, Louis Moto prides itself in offering quality, yet affordable gear, and the integral MTR X6B EVO is no different. It's offered starting at the equivalent of $85 USD (79.99 Euros) for plain colors. There are, however, also graphic options that command a slight premium. These start at $107 USD (99.99 Euros). The lid is now available for order via Louis Moto's official page linked below. Do note, however, that pricing and availability may vary depending on where in the world you ship to.

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