German gear and equipment distributor Louis Moto is popular across Europe not only thanks to its extensive catalog of gear and equipment from the industry's top manufacturers, but also thanks to its in-house brands that offer protection and style at an affordable price tag. One of Louis Moto's in-house brands is Nishua, a helmet brand that's been in the market for several years now. 

Nishua's helmet range consists of lids designed for all disciplines of motorcycling, with models for road, commuting, touring, and off-road riding. One of the brand's newest helmets is the Cross MX helmet, designed for motocross and off-road applications. With the new helmet, Nishua enters the premium segment with a carbon-fiber shell and premium features, while keeping the price very attractive. 

In terms of styling, it's clear to see that the Nishua Cross MX follows the standard styling of motocross hemets with a profiled chin for maximum airflow, a peak, and a wide opening to accommodate either a standard visor or goggles. As mentioned earlier, the Cross MX gets a carbon-fiber shell making for a much lighter yet more durable construction than standard polycarbonate lids. The result is a helmet that weighs no more than 1,000 grams. Given that the Cross MX is an off-road helmet, it gets a pass for conforming to the older ECE R22.05 safety rating. 

On the inside of the helmet, the Cross MX has removable and washable inner liners designed to optimize the lid's service life. Likewise, it benefits from an emergency removal system on the cheek pads, as well as a standard double-D ring closure. The off-road helmet gets a comprehensive ventilation system with air vents on the chin and top, as well as heat extractors at the back. 

Louis Moto's Nishua Helmets Presents The Cross MX Off-Road Helmet

Given the premium features and the high-tech carbon fiber shell, the Cross MX commands a premium over the other helmets in Nishua's catalog. However, at 299.99 Euros, or approximately $318.50 USD, it's far more affordable than equivalent carbon helmets from top manufacturers, while offering safety and protection close to or at par with the competition. 

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