The popularity of modern-classic motorcycles and retro gear has reshaped the moto landscape in the past few years. Even world-renowned helmet manufacturers like Shoei and Arai dug into their archives to deliver vintage-inspired lids. Germany’s MTR helmets primarily focus on thoroughly modern full-face, modular, enduro, and motocross models, but the brand will branch out with three new throwback helmets.

While each lid caters to different riding disciplines and styles, MTR maintains several technical details across the lineup. Each helmet sports a fiberglass shell that comes in two sizes. The smaller shell suits XS-M helmets while the larger shell covers L-XL sizes. All three helmets also feature a comfortable interior liner and qualify for Europe’s ECE 22.05 safety standards.

On an individual basis, the MTR Vintage full-face helmet replicates designs of yesteryear with a smooth, continuous radius shell and chrome-trimmed eye-port. The clear visor may look vintage, but an anti-fog layer preserves visibility on cooler days. Discrete vents at the brow and chin bar also deliver extra airflow without detracting from the retro form. The Vintage full-face also embraces modern tech, with Sena 3S-B and 3S-WB compatibility. The road racer-inspired lid only comes in black, spans sizes XS-XL, and retails for €149.99 ($160 USD).

The new retro helmet range is complete without a vintage MX model, and the MTR rendition hits all the right notes. The large viewport easily accommodates MX goggles from all eras, but the chrome trim and removable peak reinforce the classic style. Air inlets at the forehead and chin bar not only improve ventilation but also enhance the ‘70s aesthetic. Similar to the full-face MTR, the Vintage MX Off-Road helmet comes in XS-XL and costs €149.99 ($160 USD).

For the classic cruiser and vintage scooter crowd, the MTR Jet Fiber keeps it simple with an open-face configuration and removable sun visor. Weighing in at just 2.2 pounds, the MTR helmet is light in the hand and on the head. Starting at €99.99 ($106 USD) and spanning sizes XS-XL, the Jet Fiber helmet may be the perfect lid for cash-strapped, retro-leaning beginners.

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