When it comes to riding in changing weather conditions, preparedness is key. Nearly all gear manufacturers offer products that are designed to keep you safe, not just in the event of a tumble, but in all sorts of weather, too. Most brands make use of removable liners with waterproofing and thermal capabilities. Others take a rather different approach. 

One such company is Italian manufacturer Spidi. Known for its performance-oriented apparel—racing suits, gloves, and touring gear—the brand also has a vast selection of products that cater to all disciplines of motorcycling. In the months transitioning towards spring, the weather can still be pretty inhospitable, with frequent rain and frigid temperatures lingering on. Spidi's solution isn't a single jacket with removable liners, but rather, multiple jackets to be worn on top of one another. This is particularly useful for folks looking to mix and match their gear. 

Spidi Presents The Shell H2Out Waterproof Overjacket

Spidi's newest innovation comes in the form the Shell H2Out Hoodie, an outer jacket that's waterproof and windproof, keeping you warm and dry while on the go. The H2Out Hoodie can be paired with matchig Spidi riding jackets and base layers, but will also work seamlessly with jackets of other brands. Designed primarily for urban riders, the Shell H2Out Hoodie incorporates a minimalist design with a fixed hood. As the name suggests, it makes use of Spidi's H2Out waterproof membrane that also does a good job of keeping wind chill at bay.  

For a secure and comfortable fit, the Shell H2Out Hoodie is equipped with neoprene inserts and waterproof zips and pockets to prevent water ingress. There are also 3M reflective elements for added visibility in low light situations. Furthermore, the jacket has compartments for armor, designed specifically to accommodate Spidi's Step-in-Armor collection. The outer layer of the jacket is composed of an abrasion-resistant, stretchable, multi-layer fabric, as well. Meanwhile, when off the bike, the Hoodie works effectively as a waterproof jacket for everyday use thanks to its sober styling. 

In terms of pricing and availability, Spidi offers the Hoodie in sizes ranging from S all the way to 3XL. Take note that if you wish to use it as an overjacket, you may want to opt for a size larger. Color options consist of black and gray, and the jacket is also available in a ladies' version. Pricing is set at 279.90 Euros, or approximately $298 USD. 

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