Electric scooters have gained massive popularity in Asia, especially India, thanks primarily to two elements. The first is definitely price—electric scooters are cheap to buy and maintain. This is especially true with all the budget-focused offerings in the market. Second, electric scooters are practical, as they offer the same level of convenience as gas-powered two-wheelers. In fact you could argue that they're even more convenient. 

From these two reasons alone, it's pretty easy to understand why India has become a microcosm of lightweight electric mobility. With more and more electric two-wheelers hitting the market, it can be all too easy to get lost in the sea of electric scooters. To add to the dizzying number of models in the market, Okaya, a relatively new player in the Indian EV space, has just launched its newest model, the Faast F2F electric scooter. It occupies the entry-level space, undercutting the price of some of the more affordable scooters in the market by quite a margin. 

As such, contrary to what its name may suggest, the Faast isn't really fast. With a top speed of just 55 kilometers per hour (34 miles per hour), it's barely faster than some electric bicycles. Indeed, it's packing nothing more than an 800-watt hub motor mated to a 2.2-kilowatt-hour battery pack. This does mean, however, that it has a claimed range of 80 kilometers (50 miles) on a single charge.  

To keep the cost down, Okaya has kept the technology of the Faast F2F quite simple. Telescopic front forks up front and hydraulic spring-loaded shock absorbers at the back of the scooter serve as the suspension system. Then, both wheels have drum brakes, instead of disc brakes customarily found on e-scooters of this size.  Also, this electric scooter has three driving modes (Eco, City, and Sports), a digital instrument panel, and a remote key.

In terms of pricing, the Okaya Faast F2F retails for a mere Rs 83,999, which is the equivalent of $1,014 USD, making it one of the most affordable electric scooter options in the Indian market. It'll be offered in six color options consisting of Metallic Black, Metallic Cyan, Matte Green, Metallic Grey, Metallic Silver, and Metallic White.

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