Auto Expo 2023 just kicked off in Greater Noida, India, and to our surprise, electric mobility brand CAKE is in attendance. The Swedish manufacturer makes headlines on a regular basis, but Auto Expo 2023 marks the first time CAKE has indicated an interest in entering India’s electric two-wheeler market.

To woo the trade show attendees, CAKE showcased its Makka, Osa, and Kalk platforms. The firm didn’t just show up to show off its wares, though. According to Indian media outlet ZigWheels, CAKE hopes to distribute its electric motorcycles and scooters in India in the near future.

During the exchange, brand representatives even informed correspondents of CAKE’s plans to open a manufacturing facility in Uttar Pradesh, a state in northern India. The plant should help reduce the price tags on signature CAKE models. Manufacturers commonly adopt budget-conscious production modes to meet the Indian market’s ultra-competitive pricing. Though the Swedish OEM favors minimalism and accessibility, its premium finish and componentry only drive up production costs and MSRPs.

By establishing an India-based manufacturing center, CAKE aims to offer its e-scooters near the ₹250,000 (~$3,075 USD) price point and its e-motorcycles closer to the ₹350,000 (~$4,300 USD) mark. That represents a significant markdown compared to the base model Makka’s $4,170 price tag in the United States. The savings are even more pronounced when compared to the $8,800 Osa and $11,580 Kalk INK.

Localized production won’t bridge that price gap alone, so we fully expect the brand to adapt the finish and componentry of its products to suit the Indian consumer’s needs. Even if CAKE sets up shop in Uttar Pradesh, it wouldn’t enter the India market until 2025. That extended timeline could benefit the company, however. After all, CAKE’s engineers and designers will still need to tailor its premium lineup for India’s budget-driven consumers.

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