The Ather 450X is considered by many as the scooter that sparked the electric revolution in the Indian market. Back when it hit the market in 2020, the 450X was well ahead of its time, and paved the way for the introduction of many popular electric scooter models in the years to follow. Now, for the 2023 model-year, Ather has updated the 450X with a slew of modest changes that make the scooter much easier to live with. 

Before diving into the mechanical refinements, let's take a look at the updated styling. What will instantly grab your attention are the four new colors. While the Cosmic Black offers the scooter a stealthy appearance, the True Red and Lunar Gray hues are sleek and sophisticated. Meanwhile, the hip Salt Green has a vibrant feel. The scooter also has a new seat that is 14 percent thicker all over, making it more comfortable for longer rides. The rider's seat has been extended and expanded, providing greater shape and a smaller front profile to make it easier for shorter riders to reach the ground.

India's Ather Presents The 2023 450X Electric Scooter

The seven-inch TFT touchscreen from the previous version 450X is carried over into this iteration's technology. However, the Atherstack 5.0 firmware does upgrade the user interface and make multitasking easier. Improved 3D maps are part of the system, and you can modify the perspective and even rotate the maps to make navigating easier. Real-time traffic updates will soon be shown on the maps, improving your awareness of what lies ahead on the highways. 

The scooter's mechanical components remain the same, and it is powered by the same 3.7kWh battery and 3.3kW motor with a 6.2kW peak output. Better still, the basic battery pack guarantee has been increased to five years or 60,000 miles (approximately 37,000 miles). The fact that Ather was able to provide all these changes without raising the price is arguably the finest aspect of all. The scooter's Plus version costs Rs 134,147 ($1,630), while the 450X costs Rs 155,657 ($1,892).

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