Italian helmet manufacturer Caberg has long had a popular touring modular helmet in the form of the Duke for nearly a decade now. Since its launch back in 2012, the Carberg Duke has gone through a number of iterations, but has maintained its key features and design. The most recent iteration comes in the form the Duke Evo—not at all to be confused with KTM’s latest Super Duke iteration.

As is the case with most modular helmets, the new Caberg Duke Evo is ideal for a variety of riders ranging from city commuters to long-distance tourers. The versatility of a modular helmet allows for the easy access of food and drinks without having to take your helmet off, as well as easier conversation with people around you. The fact that the Duke Evo is P/J homologated is a nifty plus, too. This means that it’s safe to ride around with the chin bar flipped up—although, I’d recommend to flip the chin bar down once you get up to speed.

Italian Helmet Manufacturer Caberg Presents The Duke Evo Modular Lid

As for the shell itself, it’s made out of polycarbonate with a slightly more modernized design. The large visor and slightly extended chin area give the helmet a sleek, motard-esque aesthetic, while the vents on the chin, top, and rear blend in nicely with the lines of the helmet. The large face shield is removable thanks to a quick-release mechanism, and comes equipped with a Pinlock 70 anti-fog lens. Furthermore, the Duke Evo gets a handy drop-down visor further adding to its all-weather adaptability.

On the inside of the helmet, Caberg has equipped the Duke Evo with an antibacterial fabric that’s easily removable for washing and replacement when necessary. The EPS foam comes equipped with cutouts for speakers, with the helmet being compatible out of the box with the Pro Speak EVO intercom system. As is the case with most modular touring helmets, the Duke Evo is secured via a quick-release micrometric buckle with an anti-whirl flap for added comfort at high speeds. Overall, the Caberg Duke Evo is a mid-priced contender retailing for 259.99 Euros, or approximately $273 USD. It’s ECE 22.06-approved, and is a solid choice for an all-rounder modular lid.

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