Caberg helmets roll out a new pair of products for its modular helmet lineup, the Levo and the Horus. The headlining feature of the two new helmets is the ultra-wide field of view, brought on by its new Panoramic Ultra Wide Visors. 

The Bergamo-based company’s name is actually a contraction of Caschi Bergamo, Caberg. It's known for other models like the Drift Evo, which is a sporty full face that can be had in a light carbon shell. The brand is known for producing and selling motorcycle helmets at a value-for-money price. This time, there are two helmets with a new and peculiar headlining feature that you will definitely have to see. 

With Caberg’s Levo and Horus models, we get a new standard feature called the Panoramic Ultra-Wide Visor. That said, you can expect a wide field of view with these new lids, up to 82 degrees, higher than a good number of helmets on the market. A wide field of view is a feature that can be taken for granted. A helmet with a wide field of view can bring some added safety to your ride, reducing how much you have to turn for a head check, and increasing your overall awareness of your surroundings which also includes being able to see your dashboard without dipping your head down. 

Caberg Panoramic Visors - Horus, Levo
Caberg Panoramic Visors - Horus, Levo

The Ultra Wide lenses will be available in two tint options, clear and dark smoke. On top of that, the visors will also come with a Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog lens that will come in the box. On top of that, the helmets are dual visor units, so Caberg’s Double Visor Tech is integrated. 

As for the price of these new lids, you can get yourself a Caberg modular helmet that’s designed and manufactured in Italy for about $270 USD (€259.99 EUR) for the Horus model, and about $415 USD (€ 399.99 EUR) for the Levo. If you want a better shell, Caberg also has a carbon composite version of the Levo for about $520 USD (€499.99 EUR). All conversions are based on current exchange rates by the way. 

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