For 2022, the Caberg Ghost gets a new look. The jet helmet gets a new graphic option that spells out a few words and is finished over a matte black base coat.

Caberg is known for other models like the Drift Evo, which is one of the more affordable sport helmets out there that can be dressed in a carbon fiber shell. The Caberg Ghost, however, is a more city-oriented model that can appeal to cruiser and Vespa owners alike.

Perhaps that is why it gets such an urban design? There’s attitude written all over the helmet’s shell with words like “urban,” “twowheelers,” “faster,” “escape,” and of course “holy freedom,” yes “holy freedom” is not a typo.

Apart from that, the Ghost itself is an ECE 22.05-certified lid that features a chin guard that can raise up just like a modular helmet would. The crash protection that the chin bar offers is a little up for debate seeing how thin it is, but it’s still something that will keep your face from tasting asphalt if you go down at a low-enough speed. That being said, it’s more for wind protection and weather protection while riding. If you’re not feeling the chin bar, it can be removed so you get a more traditional three-quarter lid.

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Other features in this helmet include exhaust vents that vacate warm and moist air out of the helmet’s interior while riding, and it is also intercom-ready from the get-go.

In the box, you can expect Caberg to provide you with a bunch of goodies. A Pinlock Max Vision insert is standard for the model. The interior pads are also removable for easy washing. Caberg also provides accessories for the Ghost in the form of the brand’s Just Speak Evo intercom, as well as mirrored and smoked visors for sun protection and a cooler look.

The helmet comes in two shell sizes made from fiberglass. If you want it, Caberg also has a carbon fiber shell that brings the weight down to 1,100 grams, or about 2.4 pounds. The enclosure system is a micrometric buckle, and its size range is from XS all the way to 2XL. There are other graphic options as well, but that will run you a premium over the €299.99 EUR (about $324 USD) starting price.

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