For a lot of us, motorcycles aren’t simply a pastime or a means to get around; they’re a lifestyle. As such, we like surrounding ourselves with products that remind us of our two-wheeled obsession even when we’re not aboard our beloved steeds. Now, the simphood for motorcycles varies depending on the brand. With diehard brand loyalists willing to defend their manufacturer of choice to the death.

Out of all the motorcycle brands out there, you could certainly say that the simp-force is strongest with Ducati. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Ducati, in fact, I genuinely like their bikes, and I can see why some Ducatisti defend the Italian brand with such fiery passion. This is exactly why you can tell someone’s a Ducatista even when they’re not their bike, as they’re probably wearing a Ducati T-shirt and cap, as well as a matching Ducati watch.

Speaking of watches, Ducati has teamed up with quite a few watch manufacturers over the years with a variety of timepieces emblazoned with the House of Borgo Panigale’s colors and insignia. One of these brands is fellow Italian watchmaker Locman. Since 2017, Ducati and Locman have shared a partnership wherein Ducati-branded watches have been produced by the Italian horologists. Its latest collection has just been revealed, and it’s a trio of timepieces with an emphasis on class and subtlety.

Ducati And Locman Release A New Collection Of Classy Timepieces

The three timepieces consist of the automatic time-only watch, the automatic chronograph, and the quartz chronograph. The watches were designed by the Ducati Style Center, and make heavy use of Ducati’s color scheme and emblematic elements. The three watches employ a black face with the fonts of the digits reminiscent of the digital displays of Ducati’s superbikes. Across the board, the Ducati emblem figures prominently top and center, while Locman’s logo is placed bottom center atop an Italian flag.

In terms of overall design, the three watches share the same four-piece case with steel lugs that serve as the central structure of the watch, while at the same time hold the black and red leather strap. As for the movements, the Automatic Chronograph and Time-Only Automatic watch make use of the Sellita SW500 movement, which is visible via a transparent caseback. Meanwhile, the Quartz chronograph keeps things simple yet functional.

As for pricing, the Quartz model is the most affordable at 498 Euros, or around $518 USD. The Automatic time-only watch retails for 598 Euros ($622 USD), while the Automatic Chronograph will set you back 2,298 Euros, or the equivalent of $2,390 USD.

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