The last thing the Triumph Rocket 3 needs is more power. The Hinckley House introduced the latest generation muscle cruiser in 2019. Packing a 2,458cc three-cylinder engine, the beastly behemoth laid down 164.7 horsepower and a ginormous 163 lb-ft of torque. Sure, the Rocket needed every ounce of that power to make its more than 700-pound mass boogey, but those numbers only speak for the standard trims.

Prior to the base model’s debut, Triumph rolled out the Rocket 3 TFC (Triumph Factory Custom). In special-edition form, the cruiser gained even more muscle, with a 2,500cc triple pumping out 165 lb-ft of torque and 179 ponies. Those figures give most sane riders reason for pause. Not, Britain’s TTS Performance, apparently, as the power-hungry outfit only blows those numbers out of the water with its supercharged Rocket 3 TFC.

Gallery: TTS Performance: Supercharged Triumph Rocket 3 TFC

TTS leadman Richard Albans has garnered a reputation for over-the-top builds. Recently, the British shop presented the TTS SuperBusa prototype, a supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa belting out 372 horses. While Albans doesn’t match that figure with the Rocket 3, he gets pretty darn close.

Equipped with custom cams, modified pistons, and a Zard exhaust system, we wouldn't be surprised if the cruiser starts banging on the door of 200 horsepower. Strap a Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger to that rig and you have yourself a literal road rocket. A few pulls on the dyno prove as much, with the highly-modified Rocket 3 generating 342 ponies and nearly 275 lb-ft of torque.

For the street, Albans wisely detunes his monstrosity to deliver 300 horsepower. Despite that minor concession, TTS Performance has already sold 10 Rocket 3 supercharger kits. That customer demand has forced Albans to start producing the next five kits as well.

For those interested in sending their Rocket moonward, the supercharger kit retails for £8,000 (~$9,800 USD) while TTS’s custom pistons and camshafts will run customers an additional £1,500 (~$1,850 USD).

Yes, extra power may be the last thing the Triumph Rocket 3 needs, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting more.

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