It's clear to see that Indian electric scooter manufacturer Ola Electric is taking its expansion incredibly seriously. We've seen it with its rapid deployment of the Hypercharger network, as well as its quick launches of multiple variants of S1 electric scooters. All that being said, could now be the time for Ola Electric to go beyond the borders of the Indian market?

That's right, Ola Electric is set to showcase its latest innovations at EICMA 2022, the worlds largest and most anticipated motorcycle exhibition. At EICMA, thousands of people consisting of industry experts, media, and enthusiasts, all flock to Milan, Italy to see what the industry has in store for the future. The world's biggest brands are always present here, and the fact that Ola Electric is keen on participating says a lot about the company's intentions. 

New Ola S1 Air Makes Going Electric Even Cheaper

We already know that Ola Electric has plans of going beyond just scooters by 2023. The company has stated that it will be releasing new electric motorcycles by 2023, although it has yet to release any details, let alone any prototypes of any upcoming electric motorbikes. Could this all be about to change at EICMA? Additionally, Ola Electric also intends to venture into bigger EVs, such as electric cars, by as early as 2024.  

At this point, it's almost a certainty that Bhavish Agarwal is ready to open Ola Electric's doors to the international market. As was the case in India, the S1 electric scooter is a perfect start. Retailing for far less than the competition, while having similar performance and tech features, the Ola S1 will almost surely become a hit in many parts of Europe and Asia.

On top of that, Ola has also been refining its battery technology, incorporating its own fast-charging tech for faster, more convenient charging. Thanks to the technology it has been incorporating in its EV batteries, as well as in the rapdily expanding Hypercharger network, Ola even has plans of becoming a major player in the lithium-ion cell manufacturing industry. 

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