Damon Motorcycles knows how to stay in the headlines. Despite the fact that the electric motorcycle brand has yet to roll out a single unit to customers, they keep making news. That’s because there’s no shortage of Damon irons in the fire.

The Canadian startup continues construction on its British Columbia production facility, but it recently announced a $90M order backlog. Even with the Hypersport and HyperFighter approaching mass production, apparently, Damon isn’t done rethinking its design and technology. At least a new partnership with integrated design and electronic components specialists Sinbon suggests as much.

The Taiwanese company is no stranger to the electric mobility space. In July, 2022, Sinbon joined the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium which currently consists of Honda, KTM, Piaggio, and Yamaha. Within the Damon deal, the Taipei-based firm won't just help with integrative, multipurpose design but also provide manufacturing, supply chain, and logistical consultation services.

“Sinbon and Damon have come together to break the limits on power, weight, and volume when it comes to next-generation electric vehicle components,” claimed Damon Motors head of supply chain Chris Efstathiou. “This means rethinking entirely new component architectures and designs to produce the lightest weight yet high-power electric vehicle electronics. Sinbon will play a key role in not only helping deliver the first HyperSports to the road but to future Damon Motorcycle models as well.”

Up to this point, Damon delivery record has been quite spotty (to say the least). The startup initially planned to release its first model in mid-2020 following its 2020 CES debut. Nearly three years later, we still haven’t seen a Hypersport or HyperFighter on the roadway. Still, we’re holding out hope that Sinbon’s involvement accelerates both production and delivery dates.

“Part of our ‘Go Green’ campaign, Sinbon is committed to environmental sustainability by helping put more environmentally friendly products on our planet,” explained Sinbon global sales VP Jesse Huang. “We are very excited about our opportunity with Damon, arguably a green tech leader in the motorcycle industry.”

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