Damon Motorcycles has remained active over the past two years. After introducing its Hypersport SE, SX, and Premiere electric sportbikes, the Canadian firm revealed its new HyperFighter naked bike platform in Colussus, Unlimited 20, and Unlimited 15 trims. Despite genuine fanfare for the broad array of concepts, the public is still awaiting the arrival of Damon’s first production models.

That waiting period only shrinks by the day, as the electric mobility company continues construction on its 110,000-square-foot production plant in Surrey, British Columbia. Damon announced the new factory in November, 2021, and the entire team has forged ahead since then. To keep fans and customers in the know, Damon Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Dominique “Dom” Kwong delivered a progress report on the project.

During the rundown, Kwong reveals that the facility will house the brand’s offices, battery assembly line, final assembly area, and inventory storage. With construction already reaching 50 percent, the team hopes to open the new plant at some point in summer 2022. However, details become somewhat vague from that point, with Kwong noting that Damon will “spend the next little while building it out.”

While we expect the firm to start manufacturing production models to fulfill pre-orders soon after that, it also mentioned that mass production wouldn’t start until 2025. That isn’t stopping Damon from laying the infrastructure for that expansion, though. Amber Spencer recently came aboard as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and VP and will help prepare Damon for the eventual model rollout.

In addition to Spencer's efforts, the brand secured a partnership with Colombia-based distributor Auteco Mobility to bring Damon Motorcycles to Latin America. The team also assigned Dino Mariutti as its new Head of EU Operations, as it looks to expand across the pond as well. The progress of Damon’s new production plant is encouraging in itself, but with the groundwork the company has laid, we can’t wait for the brand to bring its electric motorbikes to the masses.

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