Damon Motorcycles isn’t just an electric motorcycle brand. The Canadian company took the industry by storm when it revealed the Hypersport HS. The electric sportbike’s 20-kWh battery delivers 200 horsepower, a 200-mph top speed, and a maximum range (combined city and highway) of 200 miles.

Damon doesn’t just impress with performance figures, however. Adjustable ergonomics add a dose of versatility, but the firm's 360-degree warning system, CoPilot, could revolutionize the field. The vehicle safety system continuously scans for potential dangers with cameras, radar, and non-visual sensors. The user interface then alerts the rider through haptic feedback, integrated windscreen LEDs, front and rearview cameras, and long-range radar displays.

While the CoPilot system monitors each individual Damon Motorcycle, the brand is partnering with Internet of Things (IoT) messaging platform EMQX to connect the vehicle infrastructure to the cloud. EMQX’s open-source clustering technology and open standard IoT protocols can securely transport data from vehicle sensors to the cloud and relay control messages from the cloud back to the bike.

"The EMQX solution is a critical piece of our infrastructure facilitating Motorcycle connectivity to the cloud, securely and at scale," added Damon Director of Engineering Rob Charter.

Damon and EMQX will distribute, process, and analyze vehicle telemetry data to update the CoPilot AI on a regular basis. The personal interactions will help Damon adapt the system to individual riders while the collective data informs sweeping system upgrades.

"What Damon Motors is doing with CoPilot is a huge leap forward for vehicle connectivity and rider safety," claimed EMQX Technologies general manager Dylan Kennedy. "It requires a fusion of precision sensing, edge computing, machine learning, and mobility, which is really impressive. The fact that we provide the data infrastructure with our best-in-class EMQX solution, helping to create a much safer environment for the motorcyclist, is very exciting and rewarding for EMQX."

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