Since 1989, Sinbon Electronics has designed and manufactured interconnected products for both the automotive and green energy industries. For that reason, the Taiwanese company seems like a natural fit to help the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (BSMC) develop new solutions for the electronic motorcycle market.

Honda, KTM, Piaggio, and Yamaha established the BSMC in September, 2021. The intercontinental partnership set out to implement a universal swappable battery platform to help standardize infrastructure around the globe. In turn, that will allow manufacturers to expedite electric motorcycle and scooter development and production.

Sinbon’s inclusion should accelerate the design and deployment of those swappable batteries. The firm will help establish common specifications for charging interfaces while also driving battery, vehicle, and charging infrastructure development throughout the ecosystem.

"Sinbon is now bringing to the consortium innovative design which can help draw maximum electrical input/output to extend riding range and to shorten charging time, but also the manufacturing know-how on how to lower vehicle and infrastructure cost so this common platform can be achieved,” Sinbon Europe president Barrie Ryan. “By this continuous effort, we hope to bring cleaner and more sustainable mobility solutions to transform our economies, lives, and our planet."

The Taipei-based company won’t just focus on standardizing and disseminating swappable battery platforms, though. All BSMC members will also strive to extend electric battery ranges, shorten charge times, and lower vehicle and infrastructural costs. Sinbon is already researching systems with higher electrical current and extended charging interface life cycles, which perfectly suits the group’s current and future initiatives.

With 4 out of the world's top 10 EV charging companies adopting SINBON technologies, the firm’s inclusion positions the BSMC to expand the use of the Consortium's common specifications on a global level. The fruits of the international alliance's labor may require some time before reaching consumers, but Sinbon Electronics’ inclusion will only speed up that process.

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