Super73 has gained popularity among powersports enthusiasts thanks to its uniquely styled electric bicycles. The brand’s pedal-powered machines are so popular, in fact, that a lot of other e-bike manufacturers have “borrowed''certain design cues from Super73’s product catalog. That said, building electric bikes is usually a good start for a brand looking to expand into making electric motorbikes, and that’s exactly what Super73 is up to.

In March 2022, Super73 lifted the covers off its first electric motorcycle concept called the C1X. Having been in development for quite some time now, it seems as though the company is putting a lot of thought and effort into the bike—as is the case with the rest of its product line. Super73 has, for the most part, remained tight-lipped about the electric motorcycle’s specs. However, based on the way it looks, chances are it’ll be something like an electric Honda Grom, or like the Tromox Ukko S we recently talked about.

Watch: The Upcoming Super73 C1X Electric Motorcycle Hits The Road

To further build the hype on the upcoming electric two-wheeler, Super73 has just dropped a teaser video that finally shows the C1X in action. In the video, it’s clear to see the C1X’s proportions, and it makes me think that this electric two-wheeler will undoubtedly make for a fun and exciting city commuter. As for performance, we do know that he C1X will produce power figures similar to that of 125cc gasoline-powered motorbikes. As such, a top speed of no more than 75 miles per hour should be a realistic expectation. The electric two-wheeler is expected to tip the scales at 136 kilograms.

As for real-world rideability, Super73 claims that the C1X should be capable of traveling 100 miles on a single. Having said that, technical specifications of the bike’s battery, as well as whether or not it’ll feature swappable battery tech, has yet to be disclosed. Other than that, the Super73 C1X rolls on 15-inch wheels, has an inverted front fork, and a centrally mounted rear monoshock. It comes to a stop with front and rear disc brakes, and sends power to the ground via a chain final drive.

At present, there’s no exact release date just yet, as it seems that Super73 is still conducting real-world tests on the bike. As such, it’s speculated the bike will hit the market by mid-2023. Expect the bike to be priced at the premium level, as it’s certainly packing high-end components, and promises some pretty impressive specs.

Watch: The Upcoming Super73 C1X Electric Motorcycle Hits The Road
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