In Asia, 125cc scooters are the ideal commuting machine to tackle the urban jungle with ease. As such, it’s no surprise that nearly all manufacturers have a variety of models in the 125cc class. Among all these practical machines, there’s no doubt that scooters offer the best bang for buck in that they’re light, easy to ride, and cheap to buy and maintain. In Japan, Yamaha has released yet another budget friendly option in the form of the Jog 125.

Those of you who are fans of Yamaha will probably recognize the name. The Jog scooter first made its debut in 1983, and even made it stateside in 1986. Originally equipped with a two-stroke engine with displacements ranging from 50cc to 90cc, the Jog is back, and with notably retro styling, too, in the Japanese market. Available in the Taiwanese market for some time now, the 125cc Jog equips the latest technology from Team Blue into an urban commuter-focused package.

Yamaha Introduces Pint-Sized Jog 125 Scooter In Japan
Yamaha Introduces Pint-Sized Jog 125 Scooter In Japan

From a performance standpoint, we find a Blue Core 125cc single cylinder engine with an outstanding efficiency rating of 122 miles per gallon. It’s a no-frills engine, featuring air-cooling, and churning out a reasonable 8.2 horsepower. Even more interestingly, the Jog 125 is equipped with Yamaha’s SMG (smart motor generator) which doubles as the bike’s stator as well as the starter motor, enabling the scooter to perform silent startups.

Overall, the Jog 125 is an extremely lightweight machine just tipping the scales at 95 kilograms, and with a wheelbase of 1,205 millimeters. This means that the Jog 125 is incredibly easy to park and maneuver, even in the tightest of spaces. It also comes with a variety of commuter-focused amenities such as a spacious 21.3-liters of under-seat storage. Furthermore, the scooter gets a storage compartment in the front apron that can hold a water bottle of up to 600 milliliters. Last but not least, the Jog 125 gets a front hook for you to hang your shopping bags and other stuff. A USB charging port is an optional extra, too.

For the low price of 255,200 Yen, or approximately $1,738 USD, the Yamaha Jog 125 is one of Team Blues most value-for-money scooters in the Japanese market.

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