What do you do if you want to stay stylish and comfortable on your motorcycle, but have the same level of protection as if you were wearing standard, protective motorcycle pants? Well, you could probably rock these new leggings from French gear and equipment maker Ixon. Indeed, the line between motorcycle apparel and streetwear gets thinner by the day, and Ixon’s new Emy riding leggings are a good example of this.

Designed to either be worn on their own—if that’s your style—or as a base layer, Ixon’s Emy leggings offer a skin-tight fit with the impact and abrasion resistance you’d expect from a pair of motorcycle jeans. They have a two-layer design with an inner polyester lining that is partially coated with Kevlar fibers to provide abrasion protection on key areas of your lower extremities and an exterior cotton and elastane denim fabric for comfort.

Ixon’s Emy Pants Offer The Comfort Of Leggings With Added Protection

Despite having an extremely slim fit and being ultra-thin, the model comes with level 1 Fanom soft knee protection and is compatible with similar-type hip protectors that must be purchased separately. These safeguards are easily removed for washing or for more comfort while you are off the motorbike because they are accessible from the outside of the pants. Thanks to its abrasion-resistant kevlar lining and the impact-protective Fanom inserts, the Emy is certified Class A PPE according to the EN 17092 standard.

Ixon has also given consideration to comfort, which is important for both wearing and using, as donning very tight-fitting clothing can sometimes be challenging. The pants include zippers at the bottom that can be fastened for a snug fit around the calves and ankles. Additionally, you may slip into the trousers and tighten them up for a snug fit thanks to an opening on the right hip. Additionally, the model has two back pockets and reflective accents for added convenience.

As for pricing and availability, Ixon offers the Emy leggings in just one black color, and in sizes ranging from 26 to 38. That being said, the Emy could quite possibly be your most expensive pair of leggings retailing for 179.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $179.99 USD, per the current one-to-one exchange rate. Do note, however, that pricing may be subject to change depending on your location and local Ixon retailer.

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