In the world of electric motorcycles, there’s no denying that Asia is a melting pot of innovation. New electric two and three wheelers of all sizes and capacities appear to pop up left and right from manufacturers in China, Japan, and India. When it comes to India, the industry is bustling with new entrants such as the Ultraviolette F77, the affordable Ola S1 Pro, and soon, a new electric motorcycle from Hop in the form of the OXO

For some time now, Hop Electric has been taking the Hop OXO for test drives. Hop OXO will officially launch during an event in Delhi, according to a teaser the brand posted, in September, 2022. The future OXO electric motorcycle's basic design has already been made public by Hop, so fans anticipating a sporty electric naked bike are undoubtedly interested to see if the bike's athletic appearance will make it into production as anticipated.

Once it is released, the new electric motorcycle will face competition from the Revolt electric motorcycle as well as the Hero Splendor and other entry-level gas-powered motorcycles sold in India. The motorcycle's pricing has not yet been made public by the firm, but keeping a competitive price for its first electric bike would be essential if it is to compete with popular entry-level bikes in India. After all, electric motorcycles have indeed become a well-loved alternative to internal combustion two-wheelers, especially given rising fuel costs.

According to Rajneesh Singh, Chief Marketing Officer of HOP Electric Mobility, the company hopes to sell more than 50,000 electric two-wheelers over the course of the next year, as stated in an article by the Indian journal Mobility Outlook. “We did anticipate demand, but clocking 5,000 bookings from our dealer partners for Hop OXO even before the commercial launch is overwhelming, to say the least. For now, we have put the next booking window for dealer partners on hold as retail bookings will open soon.” Singh stated.

OXOHop To Debut OXO Electric Motorcycle In India In September 2022

Hop states that OXO has been tested on the roads of 14 Indian states, and has covered a total of 100,000 kilometers, or about 62,000 miles. The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has given the upcoming electric motorcycle the go signal in June 2022, so all that's left is really delivering the capable e-motorcycle to market. Meanwhile, the Hop Leo and Hop Lyf electric scooters are part of Hop Electric's lineup of electric vehicles for individuals who desire a two-wheeler with classic scooter appearance.

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