Indian mobility startup, HOP Electric Mobility has revealed two new affordable electric scooters in the Indian market. Seeking to play in the entry-level space beneath the likes of the Ather 450X and the Bajaj Chetak, HOP’s electric scooters retail for less than Rs 1 lakh, or the equivalent of $1,400 USD. Let’s take a closer look at these stylish and affordable electric runabouts.

The first electric scooter, the HOP Lyf, is the more affordable of the two at just Rs 65,500, or around $893 USD. It will be sold in three variants—the Lyf Basic, Lyf Extended, and just the Lyf. This super affordable electric runabout is equipped with an electric motor rated at 2,000 watts. This gives the HOP Lyf a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour, or around 31 miles per hour—just enough to make quick errands around town efficient yet fun. A dual lithium-ion battery pack juices up the electric motor, and is good for a total of 125 kilometers on a single charge.

HOP Launches Two New Techie Electric Scooters
HOP Launches Two New Techie Electric Scooters

Moving up the ladder, the HOP Leo is similar in nature to the Lyf, albeit decked out in more premium features, hence the more expensive Rs 72,500 ($988 USD) price tag. Just like the Lyf, the Leo will be sold in three variants—Basic, Standard, and Extended. It’s just a tad faster, capable of a 60-kilometer per hour top speed thanks to a 2,700 watt electric motor. It also sports twin battery packs which give it an impressive 125 kilometers, or 78 miles of autonomy on a single charge.

HOP has loaded both the Lyf and the Leo chock full of nifty gadgetry including park-assist, a reverse gear capable of propelling the scooter to 5 kilometers per hour backwards, a side-stand kill switch, three riding modes, an LED console, and disc brakes front and rear. The list doesn’t stop there. Both scooters come standard with keyless entry, an anti-theft alarm, and a built-in wheel lock. If that’s not enough for you, HOP is also offering some optional extras in the form of internet, Bluetooth, and GPS navigation, as well.

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