If you’re a fan of both motorbikes and cars, and you’ve eagerly been awaiting the day when a certain legendary Italian automotive design house would finally cross that two-wheeled divide, we have great news for you. According to the latest word from the Italian Motor Valley, Pininfarina just teamed up with two other Italian firms to collaborate on “elegant and distinctive” all-Italian electric micro-mobility vehicles.  

That’s right, the world-renowned design company reached an agreement with micro-mobility company Helbiz and MT Productions, which produces a variety of micro-mobility-oriented solutions right in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley, in the Emilia-Romagna region. Helbiz recently acquired Italian moped company MiMoto, and currently fields a range of e-scooters, e-bikes, and electric low-speed scooters and mopeds as environmentally friendly ride-sharing vehicles. 

Under this new partnership with Pininfarina, the current plan is for the three firms to produce a new e-scooter design first. Rideshare customers and outright purchasers will be able to get their hands on these scoots, once they roll off the production line. It will be designed by Pininfarina, produced by MT, and distributed to the market by Helbiz. 

Helbiz E-Mobility Lineup June 2021
Helbiz pre-Pininfarina lineup, June, 2021

That e-scooter design is just the beginning of this partnership, though. While the companies haven’t released specific details yet, they plan to release a series of electric scooters, e-bikes, and e-mopeds designed and developed the same way. Details of these new vehicles will be made public over the course of the coming year. The plan is for all these newly designed vehicles to bear a strong family resemblance to one another.  

While these three firms are all based in Italy, the plan is to roll out these vehicles on a global scale, with particular attention paid to Italy, Europe, and the U.S. As with specifics about the vehicles themselves, the companies have yet to release any details about how or when we can expect to see them show their faces in markets outside of Italy.  

We look forward to seeing what these designs look like, as well as learning more details about the electric ride-on scooters and mopeds that will come from this collaboration. As the shift toward electric urban mobility continues, good design will be something we shouldn’t take for granted.  

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