German gear and equipment manufacturer Held introduces its newest summer touring glove called the Fresco II. As its name suggests, the Fresco II is here to keep your hands cool and fresh on long hours on the saddle during the summer months. As is the case with all products from Held, the Fresco II adopts a simplistic design on the outside, but boasts an impressive array of features and tech on the inside. Let's take a closer look. 

Held's Fresco II is an unlined summer touring glove that maintains the glove's low weight and breathability. This motorcycle glove includes a double leather palm, reinforcements at impact points, and reflective detailing to increase visibility. It is made of soft cowhide, which offers abrasion resistance. Step seams also prevent pressure spots and improve comfort, and a visor wipe on the index finger makes it easy to clean your visor while you're riding. Additionally, flexible, elastic panels increase your safety by allowing for a complete range of motion.

Held's New Fresco II Summer Touring Gloves Are Ready To Go The Distance

More specifically, the Held Fresco II has stretchable leather panels on the back, thumb, and fingers for maximum comfort and tactile feel. A pre-formed inner hand helps reduce fatigue on longer rides, while velcro adjustments on the wrists and cuffs ensure a snug fit. Additional protective features come in the form of Temperfoam knucle protectors, reinforcements at the palms for added abrasion resistance, and 3M Scotchlite reflective elements. 

Perhaps one of the Fresco II's defining features is its ability to keep your hands cool even in hot summer weather. Naturally, black leather will heat up in the sunlight. Held asserts that this could be changed using the TFL Cool System. The TFL Cool System, a unique coating added to the leather, helps it reflect the sun like lighter-colored clothing, claims the manufacturer. Even further, Held claims that the leather's surface temperature may be lowered by more than 20°C, which you can definitely feel.

That said, given that the pigments and dyes in leather care products have the potential to ruin the reflective effect, Held advises treating the gloves solely with colorless dubbin.Regardless, it's still a pretty nifty feature. So, how much will a glove with all this nifty technology stuffed into it cost you? Held's asking for 79.95 Euros, or the equivalent of around $83 USD. Sizing for men ranges from 8 to 12, while for women, sizes range from D-5 to D-8. 

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