Custom shop Officine Rossopuro is no stranger to Moto Guzzis. The Italian garage specializes in Guzzis old and new, but Mandello Del Lario's latest adventure bike, the V85 TT, presented a new challenge for founder Filippo Barbacane.

Released in 2019, the V85 catered to an underserved crowd within the adventure category. Toeing the line between retro and modern, touring and off-road, the vintage-inspired ADV prioritized simplicity and the joy of riding over outright performance. Many riders flocked to the Goose for those reasons, but one Officine Rossopuro customer had a different idea in mind.

Favoring everyday use over touring capability, the customer instructed Barbacane to turn the V85 TT into a lightweight scrambler. The custom builder was more than happy to oblige. To decrease the Goose’s physical and visual heft, Barbacane tossed out the stock tins. Instead, forming his own aluminum gas tank and tailpiece from a polystyrene model.

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The Officine Rossopuro leadman married function to form by channeling the bottom of the gas tank deeper into the frame, preserving as much fuel capacity as possible. He also maintained the steel trellis frame’s integrity but chopped up the subframe in order to shorten the TT’s tail.

An abbreviated, high-mounted front fender, angular side panels, and headlight nacelle complete the cosmetic turnabout, while the tasteful yet eye-catching green/white/red livery serves as an ode to both Officine Rossopuro and Moto Guzzi’s home country.

Barbacane not only eliminated the passenger seat and pegs but also adjusted the rider ergonomics for a more aggressive style. A skid plate, Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires, and Bitubo suspension help the Radicale 850 tackle occasional off-road jaunts, while the LED lighting, Mass exhaust, and LSL mirrors keep the rider safe on the road.

“I am increasingly convinced that the most important characteristics of a versatile bike are lightness, drivability, and simplicity,” admitted Barbacane.

We couldn’t agree more, and the gainly Goose proves just how versatile the V85 TT truly is.

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