For decades, Italian accessory, gear, and equipment manufacturer Givi has been answering the needs of motorcyclists when it comes to luggage. The brand has built an extensive repertoire of products for all disciplines of motorcycling, as well as a wide range of budgets. From commuter scooters, to tourers, to heavyweight ADVs, Givi has a luggage solution for everyone.

Givi’s New Trekker Alaska Top Case Is Ready For Adventure

What we’re here to talk about today is Givi’s newest offering specific to adventure enthusiasts, in the form of its newest high-capacity touring range called the Trekker Alaska. Launched for the 2022 riding season, the Trekker Alaska seeks to elevate your convenience and practicality while maintaining a sober, sophisticated aesthetic. In doing so, the top case runs a rather premium sum of 429 Euros, which equates to around $437 USD following current exchange rates.

So, if you’re willing to part ways with this chunk of change in exchange for the added practicality the Trekker Alaska brings to the table, here are some of the details. The body of Givi's Trekker Alaska is built of technopolymer, stainless steel, and aluminum plates. This indicates that the entire case is impervious to the elements and resistant to abrasion and impact in the event of a fall. This mobile chest, which is over 56 centimeters broad, has a usable storage capacity of 56 liters and can hold a maximum weight of 10 kilograms. Additionally, its dimensions allow for the storage of two full-face helmets.

With a Wirelease quick release system, the Trekker Alaska is installed on a Monokey plate, which is available separately. Additionally, the case has four strap passageways and two carrying handles on the rear, which you can utilize to secure soft luggage to the top. Additionally, Givi offers a variety of add-ons including an elastic net, a cargo light, water bottle mounts, a pillion backrest, and even a foldable trolley. Both raw aluminum and black finish are offered for the Trekker Alaska.

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