Those of you who are fans of MotoGp would certainly be aware of the struggles Marc Marquez has been facing ever since his crash in July 2020 where he broke his right arm as a result. Having undergone surgery a few times, we saw Marquez return to racing not too long after, but was clearly struggling to reach his peak performance prior to the accident.

He went on to undergo a few more surgeries, all of which not exactly turning out as he and his team had expected. That said, in June 2022, nearly two years after the accident, he decided to undergo a fourth surgery, with the hopes that this would be the last, and that he could return to racing in the same shape he was prior to the accident. Well, the good news is that the surgery was a success, and Marc Marquez is now on the road to recovery.

Just six weeks after his surgery, Marc Marquez is now set to start physiotherapy. A report published by Box Repsol states that Marquez has been given the green light to begin training by the specialists at the Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid. Doctors Joaquín Sánchez Sotelo, Samuel Antuña and Ángel Cotorro, were all happy with the way Marquez’s arm was healing, as well as with the overall results of the surgery.

Commenting on the Spanish racer’s post-operative status, Doctor Joaquín Sánchez Sotelo stated: "In the medical check-up carried out on Marc Márquez, six weeks after the surgical intervention on his right humerus, a good clinical and radiological evolution has been confirmed that allows progress in the mobility and strength recovery program of the right arm. The patient will undergo a new review in the next six weeks.”

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The next step for Marc Marquez includes intensive physiotherapy to regain the range of motion and strength in his right arm. Following his rather long period of rest, he will also undergo training to build cardiovascular strength prior to resuming practice for racing.

In the same Box Repsol article, Marquez was quoted saying: "We have taken an important step in the recovery process. In this second check-up, the doctors have confirmed that the humerus is consolidating correctly, with which we can start the physiotherapy of the right arm and cardiovascular training. I am very excited to be able to recover mobility in the arm to continue advancing in the recovery process and I want to thank the entire medical team for their treatment and attention.”

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