Despite being a fresh release in the adventure world, Aprilia’s new Tuareg 660 is already immensely popular, with enthusiasts from all over the world getting their hands on this middleweight ADV machine. Modeled after the Noale company’s 660 platform, the Tuareg combines nimble enduro geometry, robust suspension, and a punchy engine derived from the RS 660 sportbike.

Given the Tuareg 660’s surefire recipe for off-road fun, it’s no surprise that a vast aftermarket for this bike has already sprung up. Apart from a bunch of accessories from brands like SW-Motech and Giant Loop, the Tuareg 660’s performance and character can be enhanced with Akrapovič’s new exhaust system designed specifically for this bike. The new exhaust system is designed as a slip-on setup for the Tuareg, but can be purchased with an optional header. Akrapovič has designed it around its popular adventure range of exhaust pipes, and is made out of lightweight titanium with a stainless steel link pipe.

Akrapovič Launches New Exhaust System For Aprilia Tuareg 660

The biggest improvement comes in the form of weight. Overall, the new slip-on system drops 1.9 kilograms of weight from the upper right side of the bike. This is surely something you will notice, especially given how tall the Tuareg 660 is. Additionally, the exhaust setup claims mahina performance gains, with a 1.2 horsepower increase at 4,800 rpm, and 1.5 ft-lbs of torque, also at 4,800 rpm. Of course, Akrapovič claims that the exhaust system improves acceleration and throttle feel, but we do know you’re really getting it for the sound.

In terms of styling, the new Akrapovič exhaust system for the Tuareg 660 incorporates a titanium outer sleeve giving it a sleek and streamlined appearance. The link pipe, as well as the optional header, are crafted out of stainless steel, and therefore provide a seamless OEM aesthetic. A hand-made carbon-fiber end-cap and a carbon-fiber heatshield come with the kit, too. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the bike’s Euro 5 ratings are retained only with the slip-on system, and fitting the optional header invalidates the bike’s Euro 5 compliance, thereby making it an off-road only exhaust system.

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