The Aprilia Tuareg 660 is fast becoming the darling of the middleweight adventure bike segment, and is proving to be quite the potent competitor against the likes of the Yamaha Ténéré 700. The two bikes, in a sense, occupy opposite ends in the ADV spectrum, but surprisingly end up being extremely similar with technology being the main differentiator between the two.

While Yamaha has gone for the bare-bones approach with hardly any electronics on the T7, the Aprilia Tuareg 660, on the other hand, is loaded chock full of tech. After all, it’s based on the Noale company’s potent RS 660 sportbike platform, whose evolution brought forth the Tuono 660, and now, the Tuareg 660. All that being said, the aftermarket scene dedicated to Aprilia’s newest adventure bike is indeed growing, and many popular aftermarket manufacturers have been rolling out new upgrades for this punchy middleweight adventure bike.

SW Motech Introduces Accessory Line For The Aprilia Tuareg 660

SW-Motech is a brand that may be familiar to you. It’s one of the most popular luggage and protection manufacturers in the two-wheeler space, and it isn’t at all surprising that it already has a full catalog of luggage and protection options available for the Tuareg 660. For starters, SW-Motech has introduced the new TRAX aluminum side panniers for the Italian adventurer. Available in either silver or black, the TRAX can be expanded or contracted to accommodate both small and large luggage items.

While the convenience of having hard cases on your bike is one that can’t be denied, some people, myself included, prefer to fit soft luggage to their motorcycles simply because of the look, or perhaps because it’s easier to carry around when you’re off the bike. Not to worry, as SW-Motech will soon be offering the waterproof WP SysBag, adapted to fit perfectly to the Tuareg 660. Availability for U.S. customers is set in late summer to early fall of 2022. The ProCross WP tank bag now also joins SW-Motech’s luggage range for the Tuareg 660, and offers 5.5 liters of storage space, easily accessible without even dismounting from the saddle.

SW Motech Introduces Accessory Line For The Aprilia Tuareg 660

SW-Motech also has two top case options for the Tuareg, consisting of the TRAX and Urban ABS. The TRAX, just like its side pannier siblings, feature an aluminum construction, while the Urban ABS is lighter and makes use of a durable ABS plastic material. Both are compatible with SW-Motech’s dedicated luggage rack.

Adding to the list of aftermarket accessories, SW-Motech has also introduced a new aluminum skid plate to protect the Tuareg’s belly from hazards on the trail. Bar risers to give you more leverage on the bars are also available, and so, too, are new EVO foot pegs, which are adjustable in 36 different positions. All the new accessories and more are available in SW-Motech’s official website linked below.

SW Motech Introduces Accessory Line For The Aprilia Tuareg 660
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