In recent years, India has become the hub of affordable electric vehicles—both with two and four wheels. The country has become a microcosm of innovation, with manufacturers big and small coming up with their own interpretations of the mobility devices of tomorrow. Additionally, the Indian government has already begun implementing incentive programs for both EV users and manufacturers, further stimulating growth in the region.

In the midst of the EV boom in India, more players are entering the game. The newest of which is a surprisingly old brand that would certainly ring a bell among Indian motorists: Hindustan Motors. You see, the now-defunct car company was one of the first automakers in India, and was founded in 1942. It produced iconic cars such as the Ambassador, and saw quite a bit of success up until the 1980s. Now, several decades after the brand fell out of the spotlight, Hindustan Motors looks to be making a comeback, but this time in the world of electric two-wheelers.

Hindustan Motors Expected To Produce Electric Two-Wheelers In 2023
The Hindustan Ambassador was one of the most popular models from the Indian car maker up until the '80s.

A report published by Indian automotive publication GaadiWaadi highlights what Hindustan Motor’s future plans could consist of. For starters, it’s known that Hindustan Motors has teamed up with a European company which has yet to be disclosed. The company hopes to roll out electric two-wheelers in the not-too-distant future, with electric cars in the pipeline a little further down the road, as well. According to the report, the two companies are currently working on the structure of the investments, and will subsequently form the new company. All this is expected to happen by February, 2023.

After such time, the new company could then begin development of electric two-wheelers, making a product launch likely towards the tail-end of 2023. Now, you’re probably thinking that Hindustan Motors may be getting ahead of itself—the company has yet to finalize its partnership with the European firm, let alone begin designing its first electric two-wheeler.

Truly, a lot can happen in the span of a year, and Hindustan’s upcoming EVs could go in any direction. That said, the technology for developing affordable electric two-wheelers is practically ubiquitous at this point, so I wouldn’t discount the possibility of a Hindustan Motors-branded electric scooter in the future.

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