Dubbed the Inox Slip-On, these new exhaust pipes are for the Harley-Davidson Tourers that are powered by the Milwaukee 114 Twin. Available on the brand’s website, the systems tailored to the grand-touring H-Ds bring style and added performance.

The last time we saw Zard launch a Harley-Davidson system was with the Sportster S, and that came with a carbon fiber tip to match the modern look of the low-slung Sportster model from Harley-Davidson.

Now we’re moving up a notch with the Glides, Kings, and Ultras. Just like its name suggests, Inox means that the pipes will be made from stainless steel, inox is French for stainless steel, after all.

Anyway, the pipes are all Euro 5 approved, and they come finished in matte black thanks to ceramic paint that’s heat resistant up to 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit (1,000 Celsius).

The exhausts are specially shaped to also accommodate the side cases, so as to not interfere with or damage the parts.

According to Zard, the Milwaukee 114 twins gain increased power and torque figures. The brand is boasting of a modest 2.2 horsepower gain and 5 foot-pound gain. Compared to the original system, however, you’ll only be losing about two-thirds of a pound, or 0.66 pounds to be exact (300 grams). Other than that, you’ll get a sweet exhaust note, and there are two models available=, one for racing and one that’s homologated for the Euro 5 standard. Check with your local laws first before slapping on the racing pipe, or simply keep it on track.

As for the compatible models, here’s a list:

  • Road King Special
  • Road Glide Special
  • Street Glide Special
  • Road Glide Limited
  • Ultra Limited

The price for the Inox exhaust pipes is set at a little over $1,200 USD (€1,190.16 EUR) for the Euro 5 version. The racing version is more affordable at about $1,070 USD (€1,050 EUR), and it’s available for purchase on Zard’s website.

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