For many motorcyclists, the first thing to be replaced on their bikes is the exhaust system. Indeed, the sound of a motorcycle’s engine has always been a deciding factor when choosing the bikes in our garages. Personally, sound has always been a major factor for me, and nearly all the bikes I’ve ever owned have been fitted with an aftermarket exhaust system.

Given the recent influx of new models across multiple manufacturers, it goes without saying that aftermarket exhaust manufacturers have their work cut out for them when it comes to releasing new exhaust systems for today’s crop of modern machinery. The R&D process can be rather lengthy, too, especially given how much tech is now loaded into bikes, as well as how big of a role the exhaust plays in the game of performance.


Italian exhaust specialist Zard has introduced a new full exhaust system for Triumph’s newest and most beginner-friendly sport-tourer, the Tiger Sport 660. Based on the naked Trident 660, the Tiger Sport is powered by the same 660cc inline-three-cylinder engine, but boasts slight revisions to its geometry, mapping, and overall performance to better suit its touring-focused nature. Zard has taken all of this into consideration when developing the new exhaust system for this spot-tourer, and now, has made the Euro 5-homologated system available.

From a styling perspective, it gives the Tiger a sportier aesthetic, highlighted by a slimmer underbelly exhaust can with a carbon-fiber tip. Customers have the option to choose among multiple finishes, too. The exhaust system is available in either stainless steel, black stainless steel, and even titanium. The best part of it all is the fact that the full exhaust kit puts the bike on a diet, and sheds a total of 4.5 kilograms in weight. Given how low this weight is mounted onto the center of gravity, its sure to translate to a much nimbler feel.

Zard claims performance gains of 5.9 horsepower, without the need of an ECU reflash. The exhaust system comes in either a Euro 5-homologated version, or a track-only racing version. The full exhaust system comes equipped with a removable dB killer. As for pricing, the racing version retails for 1,105 Euros ($1,182 per current exchange rates), while the Euro 5 version will set you back a bit more, at 1,244 Euros, making out to around $1,331 USD.

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