If you’ve been wondering when Akrapovič would craft a slip-on titanium exhaust specifically for your 2022 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250, we have just the news to make your day. Weight loss? Check. Modest power bump? Check. Good looks? While those are always subjective, we’d have to say that like most things the company makes, this can is pretty easy on the eyes. Let’s take a look. 

All the elements you’ve come to expect from Akrapovič are present and accounted for here. The muffler itself is, of course, made of lightweight, strong, and beautiful titanium. Both the endcap and heat shield are made from carbon fiber. (There’s also an optional stainless steel link pipe available separately—but unlike the exhaust itself, be aware that the link pipe isn’t emissions compliant or homologated for street or highway use.) 

While your eyes can tell you whether or not you like the look of this exhaust from the photos, what kinds of performance gains can you expect? According to Akrapovič, installation of its Slip-On Line Titanium muffler for the Pan America drops a full 0.5 kilograms over the weight of the stock unit. That’s 1.1 pounds—which may not sound like a lot, but keeping in mind that it’s just the exhaust can we’re talking about, isn’t exactly nothing. 

Gallery: Akrapovič Slip-On Titanium Exhaust for Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250

Power-wise, Akrapovič’s in-house dyno testing found gains of 1.3 kW (about 1.7 horsepower) at 2,300 rpm and 5.6 newton-meters (about 4.1 pound-feet) of torque at 2,700 rpm. Again, these numbers aren’t exactly huge—but it’s a slip-on exhaust, not a full system. If you’re of the opinion that every little bit helps, this could be an option for your consideration. Helpfully, this exhaust will also fit the Pan America 1250 Special as fitted with OEM Harley side cases, saddle bags, and/or the center stand.  

Visually, this exhaust canister adds a certain something to the right-side profile of the Pan America as well. Titanium and carbon fiber look cool, of course—and black and silver tend to be a winning color combination. Taken with the aesthetic of the profile view, it helps give a sense of visual balance that seems to be missing with the stock exhaust. That’s just an opinion, of course—and like everything to do with aesthetics, it’s certainly subjective. Still, if you’re in the market for exhaust upgrades for your Pan America, it’s probably good to know you have one more option out there in summer, 2022.

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