Motorcycle sales, on the whole, have been looking up over the past couple of years. While some of that has to do with the pandemic, even the easing of pandemic restrictions doesn’t seem to have slowed things down significantly for some OEMs. Take Royal Enfield, which just reported its sales numbers for June, 2022.  

Just how many Enfields sold worldwide in June? The storied Indian brand moved 61,407 new bikes over the course of the month, in all of its markets around the globe. A year ago, in June, 2021, it sold 43,048 bikes in the same month. That’s a 43 percent change, which is certainly impressive enough on its own. 

However, the news gets even better if you’re looking at it in quarterly increments. From April to June, 2022, Royal Enfield moved 187,205 bikes worldwide. In the same time period in 2021, the total worldwide sales number was 123,640. Overall, that’s a 51 percent increase in 2022, year-on-year. If Enfield is celebrating numbers like that, we certainly don’t blame it. 

While the bulk of Enfield’s sales continue to be in its home market in India, international sales have also been on the rise. For June, 2022, Enfield sold 11,142 bikes internationally, as compared to 7,233 bikes in June, 2021. That’s a 54 percent increase in monthly international sales, year-on-year.  

International sales also did better for the whole of Q2 of 2022, as well. From April through June, 2022, Enfield saw total international bike sales of 29,563. Over the same time period in 2021, sales were only 18,963 bikes worldwide. That’s a 56 percent increase, year-on-year.

Breaking down total global sales into two displacement categories also shows significant progress. In June, 2022, Enfield sold 50,405 bikes in the 350cc-and-under displacement category. Contrast that with June, 2021 sales of 37,258 sub-350cc bikes, and that’s a 35 percent increase. It gets even better pulling out to a Q2 2022 overview in the category, with April through June, 2022 sales of 155,804 sub-350cc bikes, as compared to just 106,553 sales in the same category for the same period in 2021, representing a 46 percent increase in 2022. 

Bigger bikes—those with displacements over 350cc—also saw gains. In June, 2022, Enfield marked down 11,002 worldwide sales of those bikes. Meanwhile, in June, 2021, the OEM moved just 5,790 bikes over 350cc—which marks a staggering 90 percent YoY increase. Quarterly sales in the segment, too, also saw nearly as-impressive gains. From April through June, 2022, Enfield sold 31,401 bikes over 350cc, as compared with just 17,087 bikes in Q2 of 2021. That’s an 84 percent increase.  

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