A new development is looking to tighten noise regulations for motorcycles in France who go to the race track or dirt trail, bringing the limit down to just 95 decibels at idle. 

This is coming off a few other developments in French law regarding motorcyclists such as roadworthiness inspections, and other news of policies and initiatives for riders.

The French Motorcycle Association is planning to make its noise regulations stricter, by turning the maximum volume down by seven decibels. The regulation is supposed to take effect by the year 2024 and will be measured while the bike is idling while at a stop.

Currently, the limit for French motorcyclists on race tracks is 102 decibels, but the new regulation could see that limit be reduced to 95 decibels. That’s bad news for riders with full exhaust systems that might have cost them an arm and a leg to buy, but again, this regulation is planned to take effect by 2024 so they’d have a bit of time to change out their current setups or experiment with baffles. 

The current standard for motocross bikes is 112 decibels, but the new rules will bring that limit down to just 109 decibels. It’s still not as strict as the regulations in circuits, but it’s still a bit of a blow.

For enduro bikes, two-stroke engine noise regulations will also be tightened from 104 decibels down to 101 decibels. Four-stroke motors will be limited to 103 decibels, down from 106 decibels.

The reason why off-road bikes aren’t as regulated is that these machines don’t reach peak rev limits a hundred percent of the time, thus more leeway is given.

Additionally, the association wants to expand after 2024 with plans to measure driving noise on roads. The planners are also targeting existing valve systems in bikes, and of course, electric motorcycles will pass the noise test. Exhaust manufacturers might have to retool their products for use in France, or leave the baffle in totally even while in use on the race track.

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