The latest development in the push for annual motorcycle inspection regulations in France has resulted in a suspension of the “contrôle technique” (MOT).

Motorcycles that have displacements beyond 125ccs were to be affected following the January 1, 2022 implementation of the European Union’s (EU) legislation stating that motorcycles and scooters are to undergo roadworthiness tests in order to be operated.

The initial plan was to see the French government go with its own regulations regarding the matter passed by the EU. However, even after the announcement of the implementing rules and regulations to begin progressively in 2023, the government ended up suspending the plan.

Following reports by Moto-Station and Connexion France published towards the end of May 2022, the French government has not “put in place alternative safety measures which could justify contravening the EU law.” according to the judgment made by the Conseil d’État. The background behind this statement is that the EU’s legislation includes exceptions for states “which have imposed and notified the European Commission of alternative road safety measures.”

According to the report, the Conseil has “neither the written statement nor records of the exchanges made during the hearing enabled us to determine the exact content of the envisaged steps.”

“In any case, whatever the contents of the notified measures were, they have not been put in place.”

A few key points were shared during the exchange such as airbags for motorcyclists and other safety systems, then the case went on to state that only “0.7 percent of [motorcycle] accidents are caused by a [mechanical] fault,” according to data from the Fédération française des motards en colère (Motorcyclist Body).

“Nothing is ready, the mechanics are not trained, [and] the factors involved in the checks are not yet known. It will not be feasible [to implement it] by October 1!” as stated by Eric Thiollier, the communication officer of the French Federation of angry bikers (FFMC) and former general delegate of this same association.

So as it stands, the government is suspending the Contrôle technique scheme. It might be a while or a minute before proposed alternative solutions to the EU’s legislation will be posted by the government.

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