When Honda launched its updated PCX 160 engine in Thailand at the start of 2021, it was only a matter of when (not if) most of the other 150cc scooters offered by Team Red would soon get the same upgrade. Although it is a mild displacement boost, the main reason for the update was emissions compliance—so of course, it only made sense that the same engine update would soon appear across the range. 

Almost immediately, speculation about an ADV 160 began. That’s a scooter that we do (surprisingly) get in the U.S., and one that’s quite popular in various markets in Asia and Europe. Soon after, it seemed a sure thing that the Vario 160 was on its way to Asian markets. 

It’s now the end of June, 2022—and at long last, PT Astra Honda Motor—the official Honda presence in Indonesia—has been posting teasers left, right, and center about the upcoming ADV 160. It’s a real bike, everyone—and it seems that it’s coming in 2022! 


In a handful of Instagram and YouTube posts, PT Astra Honda has been advertising a giveaway of a brand new ADV 160. It’s an Instagram-based contest for followers in Indonesia, with specific rules about how to enter (sharing, liking, commenting, and so on). As of June 24, 2022, there’s no information about the ADV 160 listed on the PT Astra Honda Motors website. You can, of course, find information about the Vario 160, Genio, Scoopy, and plenty of other Honda scooters sold in Indonesia, though. 

In addition to getting a close-up shot of Honda’s ESP+ (enhanced smart power) badging, as well as additional badging that reads “160” and just beneath that, “4 valves,” there’s a profile shot of the upper two-thirds of the ADV 160. Every vehicle bit shown in this teaser is red, except for the headlights—and the styling doesn’t appear to have changed much, if at all. Since the ADV 150’s design isn’t very old yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if there are only mild refinements (if any) to its styling once we’re able to see the whole scoot.  

Since Honda scooters do very well in markets across Asia, it’s only a matter of time before the ADV 160 rolls out in other markets in the region. Can we expect to see the ADV 160 in the U.S.? There’s been no official word just yet. However, there’s plenty of reason to think that we will. For one, Honda saw fit to give us the ADV 150 in the first place—which, speaking as a longtime scooter fan located in the U.S., came as a pleasant surprise. It’s been doing well here since its introduction, so that helps.  

Now, American Honda dropped the displacement number from the PCX’s name in our market, but the current-generation PCX scooter already has the 160cc engine. Could it do the same with the ADV going forward, particularly if it adopts the 160cc engine? That’s not clear, but it seems quite likely that we’ll get the ADV 160 at some point in the future. I must caution that we’re only speculating at this point—but as and when we know more for certain, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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