Are you a Honda scooter fan in Canada? If you are, then you may be pleased to know that the 2023 Honda Giorno is making a return to the market in Fall, 2022. It’s a 50cc neo-retro design known by at least two names in different markets. In Japan, it’s also known as the Giorno—but right across Canada’s southern border, in the U.S., it’s known as the Metropolitan. You’ll find both it and the 2023 Ruckus listed on Honda Canada’s website under miniMOTOs, as there’s no separate scooter category. 

The 2023 Honda Giorno is powered by a liquid-cooled, 49cc single-cylinder engine with bore and stroke of 39.5 mm x 40.3 mm, mated to Honda’s V-belt automatic transmission. It has a telescopic fork up front, as well as a single shock in the rear. The wheels are tiny little 10-inch units, and the Giorno stops with drum brakes front and rear. The Giorno gets Honda’s combined braking system (CBS) in 2023, which may be familiar to you if you’ve ridden a PCX. (For the record, while Honda no longer sells the PCX in Canada in 2022, that scooter was previously offered in that market.) 

Seat height on the Giorno is an extremely approachable 28.3 inches, making it very accessible to a wider range of riders. Wheelbase is a short 46.5 inches, which should make parking a breeze, particularly in congested areas. 

Gallery: 2023 Honda Giorno

Add in the claimed curb weight of 179 pounds and 22 liters of under seat storage space, and it’s not hard to see this being a handy little commuter vehicle—particularly with gas prices being what they are in June, 2022. There’s even a handy little bag hook up on the dash, so you can wrap your shopping bag or tote bag handles around, set it on the floorboard, and roll off on your merry way. 

Available colorways on the 2023 Honda Giorno in Canada include your choice of Atmosphere Blue Metallic or Mat Armored Green Metallic. The Atmosphere Blue Metallic features a blue and cream body with a black saddle, while the Mat Armored Green Metallic gets a green and cream body and a brown saddle. MSRP for either is $3,299 Canadian, which works out to $2,631 American, which puts it right in line with the current $2,599 price tag for a 2023 Honda Metropolitan—which is also available in the same colorways as sold in Canada.

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