The Honda CB350 H'Ness continues to be a popular classic-style roadster in India. When it was unveiled at the end of 2020, the rest of the world looked on, envious that the bike would only be available in India. Apart from Japan, which received the GB350, no other country in the globe has received this lovely, retro-inspired roadster nearly two years later.

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has improved the CB350 H'Ness for the 2022 model year. Following the Anniversary Edition model introduced in 2021, the iconic roadster now comes in a new matte gray color. The CB350 H'Ness, a neo-retro, classic-style motorcycle to compete with India's own Royal Enfield Classic 350, was initially unveiled in India in September 2020. It has an air-cooled single-cylinder engine with a 70 x 90.5 mm long stroke and is selling well alongside its sportier brother, the CB350RS. Honda's facility in India manufactures and produces the motorcycles altogether.

Honda Introduces Matte Gray Color Option For CB350 H’Ness In India

Honda introduced the CB350 H'Ness in Japan as the GB350 and GB350S. The GB350, which is designed specifically for the Japanese market, is likewise manufactured in India, but it is assembled in Japan. Kumamoto Works is in charge of bike assembly as well as all finishing touches such as paint and polish. As a result, the sleek new matte gray color is limited to India-only versions.

Returning to the CB350 H'Ness in India, the new color palette helps to give the bike a more youthful appearance. The sleek matte gray finish features prominently on the front and rear plated fenders and step plates, giving the bike a more refined appearance. The H'Ness CB350 comes in two versions: DLX and DLX Pro, with the latter featuring a two-tone color design.

Honda Introduces Matte Gray Color Option For CB350 H’Ness In India

In addition, the Anniversary Edition, which debuted at the end of 2021, featured brown upholstery on the front and back split seats, as well as a chrome-plated side stand. The redesigned CB50 H'Ness lacks these features in favor of a single step-up seat upholstered in black, and blacked-out substructures, giving the bike a sleeker appearance.

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