Cardo Systems was founded in 2004 and is one of the most popular Bluetooth and wireless motorcycle communicators in the market. It launched the world's first mesh-powered communication system for motorcycles in 2015. The company's products, which are currently sold in over 100 countries, are the world's most popular motorbike communication gadgets.

Cardo Systems and KTM have collaborated on a limited-edition version of the company's premium connection device. The KTM Packtalk Edge is a small, light, and feature-rich piece of equipment that perfectly complements the latest technology, power, and thrills that KTM riders will experience. eThe KTM Packtalk Edge is a top-of-the-line mobile communication device for riders, designed specifically for those who bleed Orange, who want to share their adventures ripping up the asphalt, shredding through the trails, or hitting the track.

Because of KTM's partnership with Cardo Systems, the Packtalk Edge not only has a distinctive KTM color and design, but also a variety of other features. First and foremost, the Bluetooth device is water, dust, and mudproof, and it comes with a unique 'Air Mount,' which allows it to be magnet-mounted to any helmet swiftly and effortlessly. The redesigned Edge also does away with an extra antenna, unlike the old PackTalk.

With the Dynamic Mesh Communication software, up to 15 bikes may connect to the same signal, which has a range of 5 miles and a rider-to-rider distance of 1 mile. A newly designed noise canceling microphone is combined with deep wideband intercom quality given by none other than JBL. The Natural Voice mic allows the KTM Packtalk Edge to be engaged with a simple voice command. Furthermore, Cardo claims that the unit can be fully charged in one to two hours, and provide 13 hours of battery life. The KTM PackTalk Edge also boasts compatibility with KTMconnect and other App alternatives.

KTM And Cardo Systems Join Forces For New KTM PackTalk Edge

Federico Valentini, KTM Head of Global Marketing stated in Cardo’s official press release: “Our alliance with Cardo means we can celebrate two things that are really important to us at KTM. The first is equipping KTM riders with leading technology to maximize their riding experience and we know that Cardo are one of the best partners to be able to achieve this. The KTM Packtalk Edge is a great piece of kit that will really help make a difference to any shared trip with say a KTM Duke or KTM Adventure. The second is making sure that any journey with a KTM is as fun and thrilling and memorable as it can be. If this is done with friends or bike buddies then even better and where the KTM Packtalk Edge becomes pretty indispensable.”

Meanwhile, Shachar Harari, VP of Business Development at Cardo Systems stated: “It is an absolute pleasure to join forces with KTM to offer riders the most advanced Packtalk Edge KTM-branded device. As a motorcyclist, as soon as you see orange, your mind instantly knows it’s KTM. Alongside its broad range of Powerwear, riders are able to express their brand loyalty all the way through to their communications device.”

KTM And Cardo Systems Join Forces For New KTM PackTalk Edge
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