Cardo introduced Dynamic Mesh Communications (DMC) technology to the helmet communicator market back in 2015. Using the same mesh networking protocol employed by smart home devices, the new system offered users the ability to connect with up to 15 riders. The self-healing network also allowed participants to freely leave and enter group chats while providing up to a mile of range. Now, Cardo’s second-generation DMC will headline the brand’s all-new PackTalk Edge communicator.

The latest and greatest PackTalk will improve DMC’s coverage and connectivity with wide-band intercome and a faster, simpler pairing process. In addition to the innovative DMC features, the Edge will also leverage a Bluetooth 5.2 chip for enhanced universal connectivity. An upgraded Natural Voice Operation engine also allows riders to activate connected devices with the “Hey, Cardo” command.

Gallery: Cardo PackTalk Edge

On the hardware front, the PackTalk Edge sports redesigned JBL speakers and users can fine-tune the audio with three new sound profiles. The updated noise-canceling microphone further refines the audio experience while a new magnetic Air Mount makes the Cardo system more versatile than ever with universal helmet fitment.

Cardo crams all those features and upgraded tech into a streamlined, antenna-free design. Despite the small footprint, the Edge packs a punch with 13 hours of battery life. USB-C fast charging recoups 2 hours of battery life with just a 20-minute charge and full power is restored after 1.5-2 hours. The Cardo Connect app also ensures that the PackTalk Edge is always running on the latest firmware with over-the-air software updates.

“This latest offering is testament to Cardo’s three pillars – quality, purposeful innovation, and user-first,” mentioned Cardo Systems’ CEO Alon Lumbroso. “Innovation is in our company DNA and we’re proud to translate that into a product for fellow motorcyclists.”

Cardo will offer the PackTalk Edge at $389.95 for a single unit and $699.95 for a duo pack. The new Cardo comm unit will be available at retailers in late April, 2022, or customers can purchase the PackTalk Edge on the Cardo website. DMC may have changed the Bluetooth communicator game in 2015, but Cardo’s latest software and hardware advancements should also be a watershed moment in the industry.

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