While most modern-day, premium motorcycle communicators rely on mesh intercom, a good number of riders still choose to go with Bluetooth connectivity. Despite Bluetooth connectivity having significantly shorter range and fewer possible pairings, there's no denying the appeal it presents when it comes to price. This is why Cardo, despite being one of the pioneers of Mesh communication, has decided to spruce up its Bluetooth comms nonetheless. 

For the 2022 riding season, motorcyclists looking to get a communicator set will have four new options to choose from. Starting with Cardo's entry-level Spirit range, we find two variants—standard and HD. The standard unit claims a connectivity range of 400 meters, and is equipped with 32-millimeter speakers. The most basic communicator in Cardo's model range, the Spirit retails for 99.95 Euros ($116) for the single, and 189.95 Euros ($220) for the Duo pack. Meanwhile, the Spirit HD spices things up with HD 40mm speakers and an FM radio. Prices are at 149.95 Euros ($174) for the single, and 284.95 Euros ($330) for the Duo pack. 

Cardo Launches Four New Bluetooth Communicators

The more premiume Freecom range, too, gets an upgrade with two new models. The Freecom 4x and Freecom 2x enhance the capabilities of the previous Freecom models by way of increased range and premium audio. Both variants of the new Freecom system come equipped with HD 40-millimeter JBL speakers. The more basic version, the Freecom 2+, promises a range of 800 meters, while the 4+ extends this to 1.2 kilometers. The Freecom 4+ benefits from seamless voice commands, while the 2+ is controlled via the scroll wheel. Both units are capable of OTA updates via the Cardo mobile application, or through a USB cable. 

As for pricing, the new Cardo Freecom 2+ retails for 209.95 Euros, or $243.50 USD, for the single pack, and 399.95 Euros, or roughly $464 USD, for the Duo pack. Meanwhile, the more premium Freecom 4+ is slightly more expensive as 269.95 Euros, around $313 USD for the single, and 499.95 Euros, that's $580 USD, for the Duo pack. Cardo states that the new Freecom and Spirit Bluetooth communicators will be available starting December, 2021.

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