When riding a motorbike, having the appropriate shoes is critical not just for keeping you safe in the case of an accident or fall, but also for keeping you comfortable so you can ride for extended periods of time. They look pretty cool, too, and play a huge role in completing your motorbike getup. 

Motorcycle-specific kicks come in a multitude of forms and styles, thanks to lighter weight and more robust materials, with designers pushing the envelope when it comes to aesthetics, but keeping safety and protection in mind. Eleveit's new motorcycle-approved footwear are an example of this. Its new Town sneakers, in addition to a collection of shoes for sporty and off-road motorcyclists, appeal to the urban populace, as well as people who plan to ride their bikes and scooters for commuting duties on a regular basis. Eleveit's Town sneakers, at least in terms of style, blur the boundary between trendy sneakers and motorbike protective gear.

Eleveit Releases New Town Sneakers For The Trendy City Rider

Eleveit's new Town trainers come in three different configurations: basic, a ventilated Air version, and waterproof WP model. They all have the same style and look very sleek, which is vastly different from what has been the norm when it comes to motorcycle-specific footwear. The Town is boasts an abrasion-resistant synthetic textile in all of its variations. The Town Air has a mesh fabric upper portion, with a mesh lining on the inside for maximum ventilation. This lining is also included on the base model, however on the WP variant, it is replaced by a waterproof E-Dry material.

A lace closure, reinforcements on the heel and toe, as well as in the gear selector region, and a robust X-Treme Lite sole are shared among the three models, and have received CE certification. Eleveit provides the Town in a variety of sizes ranging from 39 to 48. Color distinguishes the three models, with the standard Town being gray and the Town Air and Town WP being black. The three Eleveit shoes will be available for 129.90 Euros ($135 USD) a pair. Lady-specific variants are also available, with similar appearance and pricing.

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