In May, 2022, Honda officially announced some minor cosmetic changes to the Super Cub 50 for the 2022 model year. If you live in a tightly packed urban area where space is at a premium and traffic (both vehicular and foot) is a major everyday concern, then small 50cc machines like the Super Cub make a whole lot of sense—and why wouldn’t you also want them to look good? 

Nothing changes mechanically on the 2022 Super Cub 50. On the aesthetic side, Honda opted to change both the muffler guard and the rear carrier that sits over the rear bumper, making them black instead of chrome. In a way, it lends a more serious air to the Super Cub 50s, and also adds a nice bit of visual contrast with the duotone design. The 2022 Super Cub 50 Pro still gets a chrome carrier, not black. 

Also new for 2022, the Super Cub 50 boasts a brand-new shade of blue. It’s called Glint Wave Blue Metallic, and it is a rather nice shade of electric blue. Metallics are notoriously difficult to get across accurately in photographs, so it’s hard to say how much metal flake you’ll see in this new shade unless you’re seeing it in person. Still, paired with the cream leg shields and side cases, it makes for quite a nice two-tone color scheme. The 2022 Super Cub 50 also comes in two returning colors, Virgin Beige and Tasmanian Green Metallic. 

Gallery: 2022 Honda Super Cub 50, Super Cub 50 Pro, and Cross Cub 50

The 2022 Super Cub 50 Pro, which boasts a wire basket and slightly different headlight configuration, is available in a more subdued Seychelles Night Blue colorway. If you’ve been paying attention to Honda’s 2022 Japanese bike releases, and you think this looks familiar, there’s a good reason. Way back in April, Honda launched the SC50 Pro’s bigger sibling, the SC110 Pro—in the exact same colorway. 

Not long after that, Honda rolled out the 2022 Cross Cub lineup, in both 110cc and 50cc displacements. At that time, we got our first glimpse at two new colors for the Cross Cub 50: Matte Armored Green Metallic and Pearl Deep Mud Grey. We also learned that Honda was making its Graphite Black Kumamon Cross Cub 50 a full-time member of the lineup for this model year, instead of just a limited-edition.  

All of the 50cc Super and Cross Cub variants will officially launch in Japan on June 27, 2022. MSRP for all four is as follows: 

  • 2022 Honda Super Cub 50: ¥ 247,500 ($1,945) 
  • 2022 Honda Super Cub 50 Pro: ¥ 269,500 ($2,117) 
  • 2022 Honda Cross Cub 50: ¥ 308,000 ($2,420) 
  • 2022 Honda Cross Cub 50 Kumamon Version: ¥ ($2,506) 
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