The Super Cub is by far the most popular model to ever roll out of Honda’s factories. Ever since its birth in 1958, more than 100 million Honda Super Cubs have been turned over to their owners. In fact, the Super Cub is recognized as the most popular vehicle ever, surpassing any other vehicle model in production and sales figures. It’s really interesting that a bike so small and diminutive could play such a big role in the motorcycle world.

Even in 2022, the Super Cub continues to be a popular choice among commuters and professionals in Japan. The model made a comeback in 2018, and was launched in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. market, where the bike became a retro-inspired lifestyle scooter, rather than a utilitarian two-wheeler. In Japan, however, the Super Cub continues its rugged and versatile nature, especially in the form of the updated Super Cub 110. In fact, Honda has even released updates to the Super Cub 110 Pro, a variant designed specifically for those who use the bike as a tool of the trade.

Honda Introduces The 2022 Super Cub 110 Pro In Japan

The new Honda Super Cub 110 Pro is set to hit the Japanese market on May 19, 2022, and it features a whole host of updates meant to make it more robust and more practical than before. For starters, the engine has been updated to deliver a longer stroke, meaning that it has more torque down low. Additionally, enhancements to the exhaust system make the engine comply with the newest emission regulations in Japan.

The updated Super Cub 110 pro rolls on 14-inch cast aluminum wheels with tubeless tires, for added robustness and stability. A front disc brake equipped with ABS comes as standard, too. Other creature comforts that give the commuter a more premium feel include updates to the LCD instrument panel. The 2022 model now gets a gear position indicator, a clock, average fuel consumption, and a range meter. Furthermore, a disc brake cover protects the front brake from debris, while adding a rugged aesthetic in the process.

Perhaps the coolest part about the Super Cub 110 Pro is the built-in basket on the front apron of the scooter. This makes it incredibly easy for the rider to access cargo such as personal belongings or delivery items. The headlight that has been placed in front of the basket so as not to be obstructed by any cargo is a cute and functional touch, too. A carrier can also be found at the back, and is perfect for hauling bags and boxes which can easily be strapped or tied onto the carrier. The Super Cub 110 Pro, however, has room for just one rider. It’s expected to be priced at JPY 346,500, which translates to around $2,713 USD.

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