All good things must, unfortunately, come to an end. That’s as true for beloved motorcycle models as it is for anything else. With that in mind, 2022 is the end of the road for the Honda CB400 Super Four. However, the 2022 Honda CB400 Super Four and Super Bol d’Or Final Edition bikes certainly look like the model is being sent out on a high note. 

For many years, the CB400 has been a Japan-only model, but it’s been quite popular and sold fairly well during that time. However, as Japan implements its Reiwa 2 emissions regulations (on par with Euro 5), bikes that do not meet that standard must either be updated to comply, or else must be discontinued. Honda could, of course, have chosen to rework the CB400 so that it complied with the new emissions regulations. For reasons only known internally, however, Honda instead made the decision to discontinue it after this year. 

In any case, here’s a look at the final CB400 Super Four and CB400 Super Bol d’Or. 

2022 Honda CB400 Super Four - Studio - Red - Right Side
2022 Honda CB400 Bol d'Or - Red - Right Side

The 2022 Honda CB400 Super Four and Super Bol d’Or are powered by a liquid-cooled, dual overhead cam, 399cc inline four-cylinder engine with bore and stroke of 55.0mm x 42.0mm that makes a claimed 55 horsepower at 11,000 rpm and just under 29 pound-feet of torque at 9,500 rpm. That mill is mated to a six-speed gearbox. 

Suspension is serviceable, if not particularly special. It consists of a telescopic fork up front with adjustable preload, and an aluminum swingarm (also with adjustable preload) in the rear. As for braking, you get four-piston calipers and dual discs up front, and a single-piston caliper and a single disc in the rear. You also get ABS at both ends. Additionally, the CB400 family rolls on a pair of 17-inch alloy wheels. 

Other features include a rather nicely integrated dash, with two analog round pods for the speedometer and tachometer. These pods sandwich a small LCD panel, which provides useful information including what gear you’re in, ambient temperature, trip meter, and fuel consumption meter. LED head and taillights come standard.  

Gallery: 2022 Honda CB400 Super Four and Bol d'Or

Since the main difference between the CB400 Super Four and the CB400 Bol d’Or is a half-cowl up front, Honda opted to integrate a small, lockable storage cubby into that cowl for Bol d’Or owners. Team Red warns that you shouldn’t place items inside that are easily damaged or otherwise affected by heat, but I’m never going to be upset about a little extra storage space.  

The 2022 Honda CB400 Super Four comes in three colorways: Candy Chromosphere Red, Atmosphere Blue Metallic (aka the classic Honda Racing Corporation colorway), and Darkness Black Metallic. Both the Candy Chromosphere Red and Atmosphere Blue Metallic versions carry an MSRP of ¥ 928,400, which works out to about $7,303 as of May 25, 2022. Meanwhile, Darkness Black Metallic is slightly less expensive, at ¥ 884,400, or about $6,957. There was also a limited-edition Matt Beta Silver Metallic colorway offered for ¥ 917,400 (about $7,217), but it’s already sold out. The quantity made is also not entirely clear. 

If a 2022 Honda CB400 Super Bol d’Or with the half-cowl is more to your liking, it’s also offered in Candy Chromosphere Red, Atmosphere Blue Metallic, and Darkness Black Metallic. The MSRP on the Red and Blue Bol d’Ors is ¥ 1,084,600, or about $8,532. If you’d prefer Black, that will run you ¥ 1,040,600, or about $8,186.

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